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Adopting an Agile Workplace for the ‘New Normal’ at Taylor Vinters


There has been a significant amount of change in the IT industry over the past 25 years, from the integration of email, the move to laptops over desktops and the introduction and transition to cloud computing. However, nothing compares to witnessing the rapid change and innovation businesses have adopted throughout the pandemic, including ourselves.

Agility, adapting to survive

One of the critical lessons to learn from the pandemic is the importance of business resilience. According to McKinsey research, less than 10% of companies pre-COVID were resilient and prepared to survive the pandemic. Resilience and agility go hand in hand. The organisations that were able to act quickly and innovate to get the results they needed to survive, are the ones best placed to navigate the pandemic in preparation for the new normal.

Luckily, we were already beginning to focus on a flexible and agile approach to how our people work pre-pandemic. As a global organisation with over 180 staff, 99% of whom operate on corporate-owned devices, and clients across different time zones, we started to provide Taylor Vinters employees with mobiles and laptops for flexible work. Taylor Vinters was a quarter of the way into that process before March and was also looking to transition to a more cloud-based versus on-prem environment, but the pandemic expedited both these needs.

Remote working, people as the perimeter

Like the rest of the world, all our employees are working remotely. Despite the disruption from the pandemic and move to a scattered workforce, our employees are enjoying working from home and feel they are as productive, if not more, at home, and would like to continue a hybrid working environment.

More than 80% of the global workforce similarly does not want to return to the office full-time, ever. When life goes back to normal, we presume we will only be in the office part-time. There is a lot to think about: office leases, amount of square feet and whether we still need that, the requirement for meeting spaces and more. This is true for many industries, including legal.

Growing need for secure flexibility

To successfully support this likely permanent transition to a secure, agile cloud-based remote working environment, any organisation needs the following: ability to tether internet from mobiles to laptops in the case of patchy internet, secure access to business-critical data on all devices and secure access to applications.

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