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Research HQ Set to Transform Content Experiences for B2B Buyers

LONDON – March 9, 2021 — Research HQ, a startup based in London, UK, has launched a multimedia website for B2B technology buyers. Typically, this group of people self-educate using online research and are often 70-80% of the way through the purchase process before they even reach out to a vendor.

The buyer journey for complex B2B solutions is a fragmented and frustrating experience. The sheer volume of information out there on any given topic is overwhelming B2B buyers. Once relevant content is identified, it’s common that lengthy forms must be completed to access the content.

Paul Denham, Research HQ’s founder and CEO explains, ‘It’s time to transform the way content is accessed and delivered to B2B buyers along complex buyer journeys – we’re creating immersive and personalised experiences centred around the buyers, not vendors’

Driving research HQ is a curation engine using machine learning and human curators to centralise, organise and personalise content helping deliver the right information at the right time,

Content includes articles, blogs, white papers, webinars, podcasts, analyst research, thought-leadership, industry reports and buyer’s guides – curated from over 500 sources.

All content published meets strict criteria to maintain quality and relevance, including predefined business challenges. The search filters on the website help B2B buyers self-select areas of interest and drill down into pre-vetted content from multiple sources without wasting time.

PDFs and videos hosted on the platform are transformed into interactive digital assets, significantly improving the overall experience for buyers when accessing, consuming and engaging with content.

Performance and engagement analytics are shared with content owners, who also benefit from brand exposure to buyers with intent.

Research HQ’s brand-neutral library of content also provides access to research hubs – collections that allow buyers to take deep dives into specific areas of interest, with a mix that includes sponsored content.

Cybersecurity and cloud computing are the initial focus ($510B combined global spend predicted for 2021) with additional categories launching later this year.

Denham says that research HQ v2.0 is already in the pipeline – an interactive content platform with immersive scrolls that mirror the consumer experience of Netflix, Audible, Spotify, and other billion-dollar brands.



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