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State of IT Monitoring: A Report Roundup

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As the IT world moves full swing, headfirst into the 21st century, new systems are being deployed at unheard of rates, higher volumes of users are on a platform at one time, bigger databases are being used on and off-premise, and multi-cloud platforms are running operational day-to-day. There is now a need for a wide range of infrastructures to be used in a single organization. And, the importance of keeping an eye on all of it is more valuable than ever.

From a recent BMC Blogs post, “The purpose of IT monitoring is to determine how well your IT infrastructure and the underlying components perform in real-time. IT monitoring lets users identify IT issues in real-time in order to make well-informed decisions for resource provisioning, IT security, or to evaluate usage trends.” Ultimately, serving as the backbone to keeping an organization going, the types of monitoring are a follows:

  • System monitoring
  • Dependency monitoring
  • Integration and API monitoring
  • Business activity monitoring
  • Application performance monitoring
  • Real user monitoring
  • Security monitory
  • ITSM monitoring

In efforts to better equip any organization with a strong monitoring practice, in this article, let’s take a look at some recent reports from Redgate, Report Linker, Intricately, and Gartner on the IT Monitoring industry in 2020. After uncovering their key findings and trends, a clearer picture of this growing industry should start to appear.

Redgate State of Database Monitoring Report

In the late spring of 2020, Redgate released it’s 3rd annual “State of Database Monitoring Report.” Focused on the biggest challenges that monitoring teams face in the coming year as well as how DevOps teams are aligning with monitoring processes, this year they also address how monitoring is impacted from COVID-19 and increasing remote work.

After surveying nearly 1,000 professionals, this report comes full of insights into the monitoring industry’s future and 6 stand-out key findings.

  1. Business longevity depends on reliable, effective monitoring. Manual monitoring has drastically declined while monitoring tool use has increased. This is linked directly to the pandemic and “business-as-usual” operations while remote.
  2. The number one challenge IT monitoring professionals are facing right now is the migration to the cloud. This movement will allow operational flexibility.
  3. Organizations are growing. Having less than 100 instances a year is becoming fewer and fewer while having over 1,000 instances is increasing.
  4. For DevOps success, monitoring is needed. For better detection and recovery times, monitoring tools assist teams in the background.
  5. Monitoring tools are growing in popularity with higher satisfaction rates. This growth reflected the great need or reliance on these tools.
  6. The most popular database platform is still a SQL Server.

Report Linker’s Network Monitoring Report

A recent report from Report Linker, “Network Monitoring Market: Global Industry Analysis, Trends, Market Size, and Forecasts up to 2026,” unveiled what type of growth the industry should expect in the coming years. Using primary and secondary resources, it covered a segmented market based on component, enterprise size network speed, and application.

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