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Gartner CIO Agenda 2021 — increased spending in cyber security most commonly projected

cyber security

Gartner has revealed findings for its CIO Agenda 2021, which surveyed thousands of CIOs and found that 61% project increased spending in cyber security

The Gartner study, which surveyed 1,877 executives with the CIO role, found that cyber/information security topped the priorities for IT spending in 2021, followed by business intelligence/data analytics (58%), and cloud services/solutions (53%)

During a roundtable, organised to display the findings, Jan-Martin, distinguished research vice-president at Gartner, said that this trend has been happening before the pandemic struck and distributed workplaces became more common

“The more you put into the cloud or other external sources, the more you have to invest in cyber security,” said Löwendahl. “I would argue that an integral part of any chief information officer role is to guard the data

“In principle, this is not different to what was happening before Covid, but it is different in scale.”
Tomas Nielsen, research vice-president at Gartner, added: “At Gartner, we’ve created a Covid-19 resource centre, and the principle here remains the same: to protect the information assets

“Yes, the more distributed the work environment becomes, the more distributed protection you need to see, but our analysts are looking into how we address this distributed security and remote working security.

“It’s not fundamentally different, but the top investment opportunity is in cyber security.”

While these areas, along with process automation (44%), AI/machine learning (41%) and digital workplace capabilities (37%) are all projected to see a maximum of 3% decrease among CIOs, spending on infrastructure and the data centre is predicted by respondents to decrease by 33%.

According to Gartner, these findings demonstrate how CIOs will go about reducing friction and drag (detrimental supplier performance), one of four ways to make a difference in digital business acceleration and long-term agility that were identified.

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