researchHQ curates and publishes educational information to help B2B tech buyers at each stage of the buying journey.

For a time-limited period, 3rd party content owners may submit up to three (3) content assets per organisation for review by our team for suitability to be published on researchHQ, without charge. (enquiry form)

Benefits to 3rd party content owners

  • Publish content to B2B tech buyers showing intent during the buying process
  • Increase brand awareness to B2B tech buyers researching independently
  • Drive interested technology buyers to content owners’ websites

3rd party content published on researchHQ is subject to the following terms:

  • Content that is in the public domain, including ungated (white papers, articles etc) may be published on researchHQ unless the consent of the content owner indicates otherwise.
  • 3rd party gated content (white papers, webinars, podcasts etc) may be published on researchHQ with the consent of the content owner.
  • Articles/blogs will be published on researchHQ up to a maximum of 45-55% of the original content word count. Each article/blog will include a link to the original source to encourage readers to visit the content owner’s website.
  • 3rd party content is tagged with the content owner’s name and link to their website. (Example)
  • researchHQ’s editors will determine the categorisation of each content asset.
  • researchHQ reserve the right to add a summary, in bullet point format.
  • researchHQ reserve the right to refuse publication or remove any asset at its own discretion.
  • researchHQ reserve the right to close this promotional offer at any time.
  • 3rd party content owners may request removal of their content by contacting us either via email, or via our contact form.
  • researchHQ’s services allow 3rd party content owners to boost exposure to business buyers, glean insights into buyer behaviour and generate leads. To learn more, please contact


Last updated: 13 March 2021