Rethinking Your ABM Program–6 Key Areas for Success

The popularity of account-based marketing (ABM) has continued to surge over the past year, with over 90% of B2B marketers reportedly running an ABM programme in 2021. ABM is a strategic approach that synchronises the efforts of marketing and sales departments to identify, target and convert a set of high value, named accounts. Despite ABM’s high uptake amongst marketing professionals, many companies are struggling to implement effective programmes that match expectations and deliver an ROI.

In response, InsightBrief has identified six key areas and suggests twelve questions to help B2B marketers and ABM stakeholders reevaluate their ABM program.

Key Areas:

  • Assessing the source, quality and complexity of your intent data.
  • Using content to personalise each stage of your customers’ buying journey, whether running 1-1, 1-few or 1-many ABM.
  • Actionable steps to turn boardroom support for sales & marketing alignment into a working reality.
  • Scaling your ABM strategy from pilot programmes to maturity.
  • Understanding which technologies should you be in the market for, and how to extract the most value from them.
  • Moving past ‘vanity metrics’ to measure and attribute ABM success in 2021.

The Success Brief includes carefully selected readings for each key area, drawing on nine sources including BCG and B2B Marketing.

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