Placing the Customer First in Identity Management – The Role of CIAM in Successful Digital Engagement

The growth of the digital realm as the primary point of customer engagement has accelerated over the past twelve months. In 2020, 40% of global consumers reported buying more online than they did the year before. Now more than ever, organizations need a scalable and easy-to use solution for managing customer identities to produce seamless, secure, and personalized customer experiences and boost digital engagement.

In this Impact Brief, you will glean insights, trends and shared learnings on:

  • The importance trust in long-term digital engagement
  • Building 360 degree customer profiles
  • Strategic and tactical considerations when implementing CIAM
  • Creating secure, scalable and frictionless digital experiences
  • Specific tools and measures to maximise customer engagement

Distilling insights from Forrester, PwC, Raconteur, Acquia and Auth0 this Impact Brief provides time-poor professionals with insights that are easy-to-read, digestible, and can be read in less than 10 minutes.

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