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The State of Tech Spend

Organizations are accelerating digital transformation and cloud migration
to better respond to COVID-19 and other external factors.

Executive summary

Organizations are continuing to pursue their digital transformation goals.
Participants in the Flexera 2021 State of Tech Spend survey once again ranked
digital transformation as their number one technology initiative. Cybersecurity
and cloud follow closely behind as the second and third most important

The Flexera 2021 State of Tech Spend Report offers a high-level perspective on the
technology and spend issues that concern senior IT leaders as they develop tech
strategies and make technology choices. Additionally, the report examines shifts
in enterprise IT spend on technologies that enable business transformation.
The report’s granular data and insights deliver a substantive view into changes
around such topics as software vendor spend, the ways organizations are trying
to optimize their spend and the relevance of data centers. The report documents
these trends, providing benchmarks and insights that help IT professionals make
better decisions.


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The report highlights the noteworthy and sometimes dramatic shifts since last
year’s report was published. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a game
changer. It’s forced organizations to accelerate digital transformation efforts to
support major changes in how and where people work and to mitigate negative
impacts of the economic downturn. Nearly half of IT staff members now work
from home. Time frames for returning to the office are uncertain. And
20 percent of people who are now working at home will do so permanently
after the pandemic ends.

The pandemic has made for a challenging and interesting year. As difficult as the
year’s been, however, the rapid progress toward becoming a digital enterprise
will likely pay off substantially in 2021 and beyond.


Business Challenge: Optimizing spend and cost across cloud infrastructure
Stage: Explore Solutions

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