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Predictive Maintenance Uncovered – Benefits, Challenges and

Predictive Maintenance Uncovered – Benefits, Challenges & Use Cases

Predictive Maintenance Uncovered – Benefits, Challenges & Use Cases

Predictive Maintenance is revolutionizing the way that assets, equipment and infrastructure are managed today. A key enabler of Industry 4.0, predictive maintenance has the potential to make asset management dramatically more efficient and to hence reduce costs and minimize business risk across sectors including manufacturing, energy, logistics and transportation.

This Impact Brief includes insights on:

– The benefits that predictive maintenance programs can achieve

– Challenges to implementing predictive maintenance

– Case studies on how predictive maintenance is being used today

– Insights into what differentiates the most successful adopters

– Advice on how to implement predictive maintenance initiatives

– The size of the market today and forecasts on how it is expected to grow

Distilling insights from 10 sources including Deloitte, GE, Google, Microsoft and PwC, this Impact Brief provides time-poor professionals with insights that are easy-to-read and digest in less than 10 minutes.

Stage: Identify Problems

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