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Perspectives on Cloud Outcomes: Expectations vs Reality

Perspectives on Cloud Outcomes: Expectations vs Reality

The move to Cloud more critical than ever.
With 77% of enterprises reporting that they have at least one application or a portion of their enterprise computing infrastructure in the cloud1, most businesses have made some attempt to capture the benefits of efficiency, elasticity and innovation promised by cloud. And, according to Accenture’s recently released Future Systems research, companies that are more strategic in their approach to technology are doing better financially—achieving more than twice the average revenue growth of Laggards. In fact, 95 percent of Leaders have adopted sophisticated cloud services as compared to only 30 percent of Laggards. Clearly, cloud is at the heart of modern IT transformations, yet many companies are struggling to capture these benefits. Further, considering the impact of the pandemic, cloud is more critical than ever in enabling organizations to outmaneuver uncertainty.
Accenture surveyed 200 senior IT executives (CIOs, VP/Directors of IT, VP/Directors of Cloud) from companies around the world annually to discover to what extent those leveraging cloud have achieved the expected benefits and their level of satisfaction with these achievements. Four dimensions of cloud outcomes were considered—cost savings, speed to market, business enablement, and improved service levels. We then asked IT leaders to identify the greatest barriers in their organizations to fully exploiting the
promise of cloud.
The blind survey was conducted with 200 companies having revenues in excess of $1 billion annually across 10 industries in eight countries.

Business Challenge: Cloud adoption & migration
Stage: Identify Problems